Welcome to the Adventure Dad Vault! Here you’ll find all of our fun and unique activities and experiences that you can set up yourself for your own family. You can search for the activity you’re looking for in one of two ways…by type and by theme. By type refers to the type of activity it is. We currently have three…Bingo Variations (playing Bingo but twisting the rules to make it more exciting), Dinner and a Movie (where you can watch a movie WHILE playing an activity that incorporates the movie) and then the catch all (for now) – Quests. This last one refers to any type of activity that involves a unique themed experience, however small. As this third category grows, further activity types will be born and added to the this list of three.

The second way to find what you’re looking for is by theme. Sometimes when you’re wanting to plan an activity, you already know the theme that you’d like to work with. Perhaps it’s one of your child’s favorite like something for a child who loves the zoo or perhaps another who’s really into fantasy movies.

Have Fun!