Mysteries, Ghosts and Monsters

Things that go bump in the night. We hate the fear…and yet we don’t. I don’t know of anyone that wants to experience real terror, but sometimes a little scare here and there can make for a fun time. The activities and ideas posted here will give you an opportunity to plan some darker themed adventures for your family (without dipping into horror.) Why wait until Halloween to enjoy a good “BOO!”


You just can’t top the classics. Frankenstein, Dracula and the gang will always have a special place at Halloween even though for many it’s more nostalgia than it is actual horror. There’s just something creepy about the old and cob-webbed covered icons of the past…and now that the old Universal black/white movies are nearly 100 years old (and the books from which them come are even older) it’s time to celebrate their antique quality this Halloween (or any time you want to plan a spooky adventure in your home or facility.


This twisting of the classic Bingo rules involves trying to get Bingo before some of your key spaces have been murdered! A fun game to play in a thunderstorm! Click HERE to see how to play!