Let’s Begin The Adventure…

Everyone loves adventure‚Ķbut who says that it only has to exist in video games? Adventure Dad shows us how to create adventure style activities to do with your own families that take place in the REAL world! Create amazing memories for you and your whole family by setting up everything from simple missions to FULL adventures. Your kids will leave their screens in their room and invite their friends to the interactive activities you’ll learn to plan here.

This site is perfect for parents looking to help their families pull away from their screens and interact in the real world. Originated and developed by Joe Dean, a professional treasure hunt adventure designer and father of three sons, this site will grow and grow to provide resources for parents who understand that in order for our children to be successful in this world as adults…they first must learn how to interact with it.


We’ve tried to make navigating this site as easy as possible

ADVENTURES – Here we’ll contain our ever growing vault of unique adventurous activities to do with your family that will not just put down their video screens…but they just might learn something and have a blast doing it! The individual adventure activities are broken out into different themes. Click HERE to go there now.

ADVENTURE DAD STORE – Sometimes you need something a little more ‘plug and play’ and we understand that. We got you covered! Check out our list of fun family downloadable items as well as hand antiqued paper. Click HERE to go there now.

FUN RESOURCES – This is pretty much ‘everything else’! Our sister site the Quest Adventure Society offers resources for creating your own treasure hunts and well as watching other treasure hunt themed videos. Click HERE to go there now.

Our ABOUT US and MISSION pages will also offer some background into WHY this site was created and what your family and friends can get out of it!