Thanks to today's technology, the average video game player is finding their life in the video game world to be more exciting than activities or adventures in the REAL world. Well, it's time to turn the tables on all that...

Everyone loves adventure…but who says that it only has to exist in video games? Adventure Dad shows us how to create video game style adventures that take place in the REAL world! Create amazing memories for you and your whole family by setting up everything from simple missions to FULL adventures. Your kids will leave their screens in their room and invite their friends to experience adventure in the REAL world.

A good place to start is by reading our BASICS page - here you'll get some background into what you'll likely find on this site and how to use it. Our ABOUT page will also offer some background into WHY this site was created and what your family and friends can get out of it!

Recent Adventures Added:

In Search of Bigfoot

This is a great adventure to plan on a family camping trip where there will be a lot of woods. It will add some extra fun to your overall camping experience. It can also be planned for a local park...making sure that the park is very...READ MORE

Brush Passes and Dead Drops

This is a good 'starter adventure' - it has basic skills involved and is also a good set up for other spy based adventures that may be using brush passes and dead drops. By the way, a 'brush pass' is when you walk by someone and discretely pass a message as you pass. 'Dead drops' are when a message is left when no one is around the person the message is intended for comes to that location at a later time to retrieve the message that was...READ MORE

Professor Lumbly's Potions -

Synopsis: Participants will begin with a list(s) of items that they must find in order to help an absent minded wizard, Professor Thundara, complete his potion that is believed to turn coal to...READ MORE

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As we work hard to categorize all of our newest content, we've felt the need to create completely new websites for the sake of content continuity. This site (The Adventure Dad) focuses entirely on creative and exciting activities that would challenge teens and preteens to put down their screen and go on some real life adventures. However, please note the following sites as some of our content has been moved there as appropriate:

The Theme Party Hub - TONS of theme party ideas - www.themepartyhub. Although this site has literally 100's of pages of theme party ideas, we're hoping to build this site to even higher heights. The theme party ideas are organized in a way that is more accessible and fun!

Adventures For Everyone - Packaged adventure hunts for family travel trips and corporate events - www.adventuresforeveryone.com. Our 'event' and facilitation arm of Quest Experiences. This is also a great place to order packaged adventure hunts that are delivered right to your door. Unwrap the package in your local theme park, zoo or university and you're off!

Quest Experiences - Treasure hunt and theme party resources - www.questexperiences.com. Our oldest website, nearly two decades old, will still house our downloadable content as well as our treated paper products.

The Treasure Hunt Hub - Tips and tricks for creating your own scavenger hunts and treasure hunts - www.treasurehunthub.com. Designing a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt from scratch is all about the details. Here you'll find all sorts of articles on how to design your own adventure hunt in a variety of formats. Happy designing!

Theme Park Quests - All types of theme park fun - birthdays, hunts and more! - www.themeparkquests.com. As we are HUGE theme park enthusiasts, here you'll find all types of fun things to do at your local theme park...with a special attention given to the Disney brand theme parks.


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