Fantasy and Fairy Tales

Fantasy and Fairy Tales – where so many dreams come from. Many of our most beloved stories come from the fairy tales of our youth. Here you’ll find activities, games and ideas to allow your family to take the chance to believe….just maybe…the magic really exists and that visiting other worlds is actually possible.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Dinner and a Movie – Follow the movie while you eat what they eat…playing a game as you go. A great way to spend family time together and creating lasting memories.

Professor Lumbly’s Potion –  Professor Lumbly is in real trouble. He’s getting on in years and made a horrible mistake in testing out one of this own potions, leaving his memory too scrambled to complete his other potions for his next class. Without those potions, he just might get the sack with his new teaching position at the local wizarding school (great for those Harry Potter fans!)