Classic Literary Monster Hunt

You just can’t top the classics. Frankenstein, Dracula and the gang will always have a special place at Halloween even though for many it’s more nostalgia than it is actual horror. There’s just something creepy about the old and cob-webbed covered icons of the past…and now that the old Universal black/white movies are nearly 100 years old (and the books from which them come are even older) it’s time to celebrate their antique quality this Halloween (or any time you want to plan a spooky adventure in your home or facility.

Using the link below, download the pdf for the two worksheets. There are actually two different versions of the same activity – one that’s a little more difficult so that you can choose accordingly based on who will be participating.

Have fun with some of the early classics in horror!

Although these two puzzle worksheets were specifically designed to go with the Monster Classics Package (antiqued first page reproductions from literature – see the links below for more info), they can also typically be used with any unabridged version of the literature classic novels:  Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  In general these books HOWEVER… please note that each publisher formats their books differently!  Some of the first pages might not contain enough information if they are particularly small (actual book size.)  If you choose to use these worksheets without the antiqued pages, instruct your participants to use the first TWO pages of the book (just to play it safe.)  Additionally, some versions of the stories are abridged or slightly changed.  It’s always good to check the answers before game play if choosing to use the actual books

To see the pages package, click the link below – Save 15% by using coupon code: ADVENTUREDAD81

So, how is the adventure hunt played?  There are lots of fun ways to make it spooky but general game play goes like this.  Scattered throughout your home or playing space, hide the five literary pages or books.  Make sure that they are accessible and able to be read (i.e. don’t hide them in a dark place where once found the participant can’t read the page(s).  Next, choose to print ONE of the two worksheets included in this pdf, with enough copies for each of your participants to have one.  They both involve requiring the participant to walk around the playing area looking for the five pages/books.  They will then read what they’ve found (only the first page or two if providing the books) and attempt to answer some of the questions on their worksheet.  They will then search out the rest of the pages/books, hoping to answer the rest of the questions.  Once he/she has answered all the questions, the answer to the puzzle should reveal itself.  With the SECOND worksheet, we’ve added a little more difficulty as once all the questions are answer he/she will find that the letters are scrambled – unscrambling them will be necessary to solve the puzzle. 

Finally, make sure that you have enough pens/pencils for your participants.

And…you’re done!

When it comes time to play, pass out the worksheets and pencil to every participant or have a stack of both on a small table for them to pick up on their own.  Explain that there are five novel pages (or books) from five different horror stories hidden about the room/party space.  Their task is to find the pages and answer the questions based on the clues provided.  Once enough words have been filled in, they will be able to figure out the mystery monster.  If you are using the first worksheet, they will be able to figure it out rather quickly.  If you are using the second worksheet, they’ll need to make sure that they fill in all of the words before trying to unscramble the letters.

For added fun, consider playing Halloween music (the soundtrack to the original Bella Lugosi Dracula is a great choice) and turn down the lights with lots of candles throughout.  Another alternative is to have ZERO lights and pick up a bunch of Dollar Store pocket flashlights that the participants can use to search about.  Remember, this can also be a passive activity at a party – just provide the sheets early on and allow your guests to search about at their leisure as they’re enjoying conversations with other guests throughout the party. Have a great time!