The Ultimate Zoo Adventure Challenge

Visiting your local zoo now can be more fun and exciting than ever before (currently 139 versions – one for every major zoo in the US – visit our Etsy store for a zoo near you!) The Great Zoo Adventure Hunt at the Detroit Zoo was designed by a professional themed treasure hunt designer and is mailed right to your door. Simply take the colorfully wrapped package with you to the zoo, open the small starter envelope once you’re inside and you’re OFF! There is NOTHING to set up – ALL of the materials are included. That’s right…because you didn’t have to spend the countless hours creating this elaborate hunt, YOU get to enjoy it with your family!

So…what exactly IS the Great Zoo Adventure Hunt at the Detroit Zoo and what comes with it? Opening the large package will reveal a two page mega list of fun tasks to complete once you are inside the zoo. The more tasks you complete, the more points you’ll earn enabling you to open different colorful envelopes, each containing an opportunity to earn one Habitat Gem. You see, the famous zoologist Dr. Animus Penderghast, has lost pages to his precious journal. Each page details how to help a different animal from a different world habitat. Helping that animal will earn you the Habitat Gem! Can you and your family collect all seven Habitat Gems before your stay at the zoo is over?

Colorful envelopes…antiqued journal pages…and what are you supposed to do with that pipe cleaner? Or the plastic animal? You’ll just have to open the right Habitat Envelopes to find out!


How long does it last? As long as you’d like. Start when you like. Stop when you like. Start, stop, then start up again, if you like. You can even visit the zoo another time and pick up where youleft off!

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