The Ultimate University Adventure Challenge

A GREAT way to have fun on a university campus – a GREAT gift to give for the university student in your life!

Looking for some unique and creative fun on your local university campus? How about helping Interpol solve some ancient art theft crimes!

The Great University Adventure Challenge was designed by a professional treasure hunt adventure designer and is a great way to have fun while exploring your local university campus! There is NOTHING to set up! ALL the materials arrive via US postal service in a fun wrapped package – unwrap it while on campus and YOU’RE OFF! Because you don’t have to spend countless hours creating it, YOU get to enjoy it WITH your friends!So…how does it work? In simplest terms, it’s an elaborate scavenger hunt mixed with a treasure hunt…on steroids. You begin with a list of EIGHT different missions to take on at the campus – you’ll need to find specific things as well as complete fun tasks in order to successfully complete each mission. Each completed mission will earn you points toward an overall ranking…


By completing a mission, you earn the right to open one of the eight different bonus envelopes. Inside each are clues to solve six different puzzles. You see, Interpol needs your help. Six different priceless artifacts have been stolen from museums all over the globe. The more missions you complete, the more you’ll be able to help Interpol solve their cases…and helping you to rack up a LOT of bonus points in the process!!!

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