The Great Zoo Adventure Challenge

Make your next visit to the zoo SPECIAL with this digital download! Very easy to set up and a lot of fun to play – Great way to create memories for the whole family and friends. We currently have over 60 different variations, customized for a zoo closest to you!

The Great Zoo Adventure Hunt is a great solution for wanting to make your next visit special. Simply download the file, print out the 20 printable pages portion, put some of them in sealed envelopes and you’re all set! Can easily be done the night before for all you late planners!

So…how is the Great Zoo Adventure Challenge played?

Your family/small team of friends will begin with a short set of instructions a two page list of fun tasks to complete and things to find at the specific zoo you ordered. There are also 13 sealed envelopes they will be given…each one contains a mini mission to take on to help a specific animal with a problem they have. The more tasks you complete from the main list, the more envelopes you get to open!

The Great Zoo Adventure Challenge runs off of a point system…the more you tasks you complete the more points you earn and for each animal you help from the mini mission envelopes you’ll earn BONUS points. At the completion of the your stay at the zoo, you can open the FINALE envelope to check a few answers and to see how your overall score ranks!

Because there’s isn’t an official ‘beginning’ and ‘end’ it’s perfect for any length of stay at the zoo. At the zoo all day? Great! There’s more than enough things to find and do to keep you busy all day! Only there for a couple of hours? Not a problem – see how many points you can rack up before it’s time to leave.

The Great Zoo Challenge was designed with all ages in mind. Some tasks require some extra work while others are simple that easily draw in younger participants. You choose which tasks to take on which items you want to search for on your stay.

What is provided in this digital download?
* One instructions/starter page for your players
* Two page list of 30 different light hearted fun tasks to complete and things to find at the Zoo
* A finale page to open with answers and ranking to be read at the conclusion of the Challenge
* 15 additional pages that are to be printed and inserted into sealed envelopes.
* Fully explained instructions on how to prepare the Adventure Challenge once the document is printed

What is required to set up the Great Zoo Adventure Challenge? You’ll need:
* The digital download provided – with 20 pages to be printed
* 13 envelopes
* Scissors to cut out a few printed items
* OPTIONAL: Some type of larger envelope (manila) or bag so that the players can keep all the components together while they enjoy their stay at the zoo

Have multiple people participating? GREAT – simply print enough sets of materials for each team to have one complete set!