Packaged Adventures

Creating your own adventures can be a lot of fun…but time consuming, too. That’s why we’ve designed over 1300 different packaged adventures that get delivered to your door and are ready to go (yep, 1300…that’s not a typo!) We currently have them for your city, local theme park and zoo…and even your local university! They make for great gifts and you can check them all out on our sister site: Adventures For Everyone!

The Marco Polo ExpeditionOUR NEWEST AN MOST ELABORATE ADVENTURE YET!!! We have THREE different versions of our most elaborate hunt available. Whether you are looking to explore your local city with one of our city specific versions, take on the flexible city version (for cities we don’t have specific versions for) or set up an elaborate treasure hunt WHEREVER, this is the package for you! Everything is designed and created to provide the most adventure hunt fun you’ve ever seen! You’ll solve puzzles, follow a Choose Your Own Path adventure story, examine artifacts and more…READ MORE HERE

The Great Disneyland/Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure Challenge – We’ve created a special version of our Great Adventure Challenge specifically for Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. A fun wrapped package comes in the mail – simply take it with you to the park, open it up as family and you’re off! It was designed with the whole family in mind – something that would engage not only smaller children, but teens and parents, as well. You’ll begin with a long list of fun tasks to complete inside the park. Some of them will be simple…and others not so much. Also included are NINE BONUS character envelopes to open when instructed for separate side ‘missions’ to go on to earn extra points. READ MORE HERE

The Great Theme Park Adventure Challenge – Our original adventure package that started it all. With over 100 different theme parks to choose from located all over the US, you’re sure to find one near you! A fun wrapped package comes in the mail – simply take it with you to the park, open it up as family and you’re off! You begin with a long list of fun tasks to complete, some simple and some not so much. Also included are NINE BONUS ADVENTURE ENVELOPES. Inside are instructions for a different adventure themed mini-mission to go on to earn more points. How many points will your family earn before your stay the park is over? READ MORE HERE…

The Great University Adventure Challenge – A great activity for any university student and their friends! With over 200 universities to choose from (and more being added to the list every week) it’s the perfect gift for that university student in your life or a great department team building activity on campus! Six historical pieces of art have been stolen and INTERPOL is counting on you to complete either different missions on your local campus to recover them…READ MORE HERE

The Great Zoo Adventure Challenge – Opening the large package will reveal a two page mega list of fun tasks to complete once you are inside the zoo. The more tasks you complete, the more points you’ll earn enabling you to open different colorful envelopes, each containing an opportunity to earn one Habitat Gem. You see, the famous zoologist Dr. Animus Penderghast, has lost pages to his precious journal. Each page details how to help a different animal from a different world habitat. Helping that animal will earn you the Habitat Gem! Can you and your family collect all seven Habitat Gems before your stay at the zoo is over? READ MORE HERE