Spies aren’t born spies. It takes years of training to gain the skills needed to stay alive in that very dangerous and potentially exciting profession (at least in the movies!) Time to put your family through a little “Farm Training” with this spy themed obstacle course (The Farm – a US military facility in Virginia where clandestine arts are taught to future US spies.)

Here’s the back story – recruits are being sought out all over the country for a specific clandestine mission overseas. Only a few will be selected to go – the best of the best. They’ll need to prove themselves if they want to be considered for the mission. (Remember, if your kids understand the potential story context of the activity they will likely be more excited to participate!) It’s not enough to finish the spy themed obstacle course, they’ll need to show that they can adapt and improve!

There are a lot of ways to create an exciting spy themed obstacle course – each with their own pros and cons. Our suggestion (ESPECIALLY for older kids ages 10+) is to treat it more seriously. The intensity of a video game is often relished for avid players so give them some intensity. There are always things that you can add, however this is our suggestion for a solid course (including multiple instances of the grid and target practice) that they’ll want to repeat (that isn’t too convoluted.)

A Spy Themed Obstacle Course
A Spy Themed Obstacle Course

Just those three aspects of the course (with multiple instances of each) will make for a fun and exciting challenge. Now, keep in mind that they are most likely going to want to go through the course again. Before they can ask, though, explain that they NEED to go through it again…but they have to best their previous time! But don’t tell them this before they go through the first time so that they give it their all the first time. Also, make sure you have different lists of names for each run.

However, if you want to beef it up even more, consider:

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