Synopsis: Participants will use stealth to get close enough to a military guard to squeeze off one shot – a shot that must hit it’s target. This is a great adventure exercise for those who fancy themselves as Halo or Medal of Honor experts.

Back Story: It’s occupied France during WWII. There is an enemy messenger scheduled to deliver plans to a base nearby. He’s currently taking a break in the woods after a long trek on foot after his motorbike was hit by a recent Allied airstrike. He barely made it out alive and is not fatigued. The mission will be to confiscate those plans and deliver them to the Allied encampment nearby without getting shot.

Setting It Up:

1: For this adventure, you’ll need a few things:

  1. When it comes time to begin the adventure, explain the back story as described above. Then explain the following goals:
  1. Remind them that this is NOT a race. They each only get one shot so they need to make sure that their one shot counts. For multiple children, have the messenger reset the target immediately so that each child can have a chance to take their shot.
  2. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you’d like.