For those of us that can expect at least one decent snowfall each Winter, here’s a great adventure activity that’s simple to set up and gets the kids outside after that ‘good snow’ the night before.

The only real requirement for this adventure activity is a decent snow during the night (or day before.) It involves placing items randomly in the backyard before/while it’s snowing (unobserved by your children.) After a good snow, the items will all be hidden (how much will depend on the size of your objects and the amount of snow that’s fallen.) Once the items are covered in snow, it’s now time for the search and rescue to begin.

Download the pdf document below:

On the page is a list of people to find who have gone missing since the latest ‘avalanche.’ A variety of folks have gone missing from individuals to whole families. Next to each person, assign a different object you’ve hidden in the yard under the snow on the blank line. It will be up to your children to find as many survivors as they can before time is up (the amount of time you set is up to you.) You’ll notice on the paper that bonus points are awarded for finding ‘sets’ of individuals. For example, finding all of the hikers will give you bonus points. Likewise, finding every member of the Moorehead family will give bonus points, as well. This type of activity is best played where the participants/children work together as a team to find the survivors. That way, they can combine their finds in order to get as many points as possible.

Be sure to have a lot of hot chocolate on hand and let the fun begin!