Raiders of the Lost Ark Game – Dinner and a Movie

ADVENTURE: Dinner and a Movie – Raiders of the Lost Ark Game

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a movie that’s become a world icon for adventure with which all other adventure movies are typically compared. There are MOUNTAINS of exciting adventures that could be done in conjunction with this movie. We’re keeping it simple with this adventure…but fun!

We’ve detailed two major components for this Raiders of the Lost Ark game: some adventurous eats and a fun game to play while you watch the movie. One has many, many options for food – choosing some traditional South American dishes, Egyptian or even Nepalese. One can find easy recipes for just about any culture, thanks to Youtube. However, if you only want to provide some light snacks consider the following: (they can either be served on a small table for all to share while you watch the movie…or provide them one at a time as they appear in the movie.)

(the following food items are detailed in the order they appear in the movie)

  1. Oranges – Indy cuts one to eat while he’s talking to Sallah.
  2. Dates – Marion and Indy eat them in the marketplace
  3. Cheese & Bread – Belloq gives Marion some food to eat after she’s been captured.

Now…for a fun game to play while you watch the movie.

You’ll need two different Indiana Jones items for this game – these could be ANYTHING as long as they can be passed around safely from one person to another (I.e. no swords!) Some ideas might include an Indiana Jones hat, the DVD box of an Indiana Jones movie, anything in the house that might resemble an artifact, a rubber snake…you get the idea. Begin by giving the items to two different children. The GOAL of the game is to be the one who’s holding one of the items by the end of the movie. Declare one of the items as Item A (for the sake of explaining the game below) and one Item B.

Item A: Every time Indy touches his hat with his hand, the first person who calls out “Raider hat!” gets to take Item A from whomever is currently holding onto it. If the first person who calls it IS currently holding onto Item A, then they get to KEEP holding on…until another opportunity arises for someone to take it.

Item B: Every time Indy says “Marion”, then the first person who stands up and says “Run Marion!” gets to take Item B (in the same fashion as Item A – same rules apply.)

It’s a fun game to keep going as you watch the movie! You CAN award prizes for the winners – but not always necessary (if you’re clever enough with the items you choose to pass around, you can always allow the winners to keep what they’re holding!)