Explosion Spy Bingo

So…The life of a spy equals excitement. Bingo…not so much. But what would happen if we combined the two? You get Explosion Spy Bingo: A spy themed Bingo game!

Playing Explosion Spy Bingo is easy and can be played with any number of players, though the more players means the more fun as you’ll see. You’ll need a standard Bingo set as well as THIS PDF (a simple pdf you can print or replicate yourself by hand.) It would be great if you used a spy themed Bingo card set, but it’s not necessary to play. You can also help support our site by checking out this downloadable spy themed bingo card set HERE.

When you are ready to play, place the game boards (enough for one for each player) in a circle around a table. Remove the chairs from the table because nobody will be sitting in this version! You see, a nefarious criminal mastermind has hidden a bomb somewhere around the world! Each of the boards represent a major city (in the pdf there are place settings you can choose to print and place above each board, though this is optional.) Your players will be rotating around the world/table as they play. It’s not enough to get Bingo…you have to be standing in front of the winning Bingo card when that card gets Bingo!

Finally, randomly place the bomb cards (printed from the pdf), one above each country tag. Be sure to fold them enough times so one can’t read the contents without unfolding it. Make sure that one of them is a BOOM! While the others are all WHEW!’s.

To play, use the standard rules of Bingo. HOWEVER, after every call of a space, everyone moves to the right to stand in front of a new board. In this way, the players will be moving in a circle around the table throughout the round. When someone gets Bingo, play stops.

In this exciting version, the winner is determined by points more than who gets Bingo. Points are awarded as follows:

  • When someone gets and calls out Bingo, they receive 10 points.
  • Once someone gets Bingo, every player (including the winner) earns one point for each space that is marked on the board they are standing in front of.
  • Once someone gets Bingo, everyone opens the folded paper sitting above the board they are standing in front of. If it says BOOM!, that means he/she wasn’t fast enough to save the day the bomb went off…and they LOSE 5 points.